Denver's Premier Hard Money Lender

Cardinal Financial makes many kinds of short term real estate loans secured by property in Colorado. Loan rates as low as 8% with a 1% origination fee.

Other Private Money Loan Products

  Loans to IRAs  
  Cardinal Financial will make loans to self directed IRAs to make loans for business or investment including loans for fix and flip properties or loans to buy rental property. The loan is non-recourse to the individual borrower. We recommend that you check with your tax advisor to determine the rules pertaining to IRA loans.  
  Loans for rental properties  
  We have a program that will let you purchase a property, remodel the property, and refinance for up to 80% of the new after-repair market value. This will permit you to take out cash if desired and avoid many of the pitfalls normally associated with the purchase, remodeling and refinancing of rental properties located along the Front Range from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.  

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