Denver's Premier Hard Money Lender

Cardinal Financial makes many kinds of short term real estate loans secured by property in Colorado. Loan rates as low as 8% with a 1% origination fee.

Loan Structure and Process

  Down Payment  
  We will loan you as much money as possible. Larger loans or Colorado properties that require a large amount of remodeling may require more down payment. We can use other property to provide additional collateral to avoid a down payment. We can in most cases advance 100% of remodeling costs payable as work is completed.  
  There is no cost for funds until advanced. We will look at the after repair value; however we don't require an appraisal and don't need to agree on the after repair value.  
  Our Loan Process  
  We can provide you with complete closing details immediately.  
  We have closed loans in one day; however, in most cases closing within 2 days will work. We can close as soon as the seller provides you with a title commitment or as soon as we can get a title commitment.  
  We will not charge you for loan processing, attorney fees, review fees or other unnecessary costs. We use 3 simple documents: We will use a one page simple promissory note, a deed of trust plus an agreement to correct closing errors.  

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